How you can help

Red Dust travels to some of Australia's most remote areas where we work in partnership with communities to achieve something we all take for granted - good health. We urgently need your support to break the cycle of poor health so the generation of Indigenous youth in remote communities have a healthier future. With your help, we can break the cycle.

What your donation does


Will help us provide a sport workshop for one student


Will help us provide a music workshop for one student


Will help us send a volunteer role model to a community

Individual Support

There are so many ways you can help Red Dust. Red Dust relies on individuals wishing to see a healthier lifestyle for Indigenous youth and families. Here are some of the ways you can support our mission...

Fundraise Workplace Giving Gifts in Wills Role Model / Volunteer
Kyle van der Kuyp walking down the street with the little guys
Kyle van der Kuyp walking down the street with the little guys

Corporate Partnerships

A partnership with Red Dust will help us continue to build stronger and healthier communities and close the gap for Indigenous Australians in remote communities. Our partnerships also provide the opportunity to support your organisations reconciliation goals through cultural educational, immersion and tailored two-way exchange. See below more information about these opportunities or contact us for more information about partnerships.

Cultural Immersion
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